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Our Christmas Wish

Our Christmas Wish

Our 2015 Christmas wish is a wish for the continued improvement of indoor air quality (IAQ). We improve IAQ by servicing and maintaining our HVAC Burlington, NC units. How much do you know about the IAQ in Burlington, NC? Do you know how it affects others? Well, the continued improvement of IAQ is a wish that affects everyone in the Burlington, NC area. IAQ is the air quality that circulates inside your residence or commercial building. It relies on ventilation between indoors and outdoors to keep the air around you breathable and safe. As the HVAC industry grows, more families and businesses will be forced to consider the importance of IAQ. It is for the reason that poor IAQ results in personal health issues like dry eyes, congestion, nausea, fatigue, and headaches. According to The American Lung Association, one way to help limit these health issues is to have your HVAC Burlington, NC unit professionally serviced. 

Our Christmas wish is special, because it packs in the sweet advantages of taking care of air. T HVAC Burlington, NChe U.S. Environmental Protection Association lists them. 

  • Your Safety: Safety still comes first in the HVAC industry. For Barber Heating & Air, safety means safe air to live and work. 
  • Energy Efficiency: When your HVAC Burlington, NC unit is not being efficient, you know it. Your energy bill climbs higher, because your unit is working harder to operate. 

We know you must have a Christmas wish of your own. We know how much that wish probably means to you. Being apart of our Christmas wish is easy! All you have to do is let us check out your HVAC Burlington, NC unit. 

Fulfill a Christmas Wish with Barber Heating & Air. 

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