Maintenance Memberships

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HVAC and Refrigeration Maintenance

Service memberships from Barber Heating & Air is a smart investment in your heating or cooling system. Well maintained system operate more efficiently and have longer operating lives. Ask Barber Heating & Air today if they have a service membership to fit your needs!

Residential Service


Will Constantly Provide You With the Following Benefits

  • 15%Discount on all service repairs (all service parts and labor).
  • Never pay an overtime fee (no matter what time of day or night it is).
  • Priority customer status (immediately moved ahead of customers that do not have a Service Membership).
  • Lower operating costs (well maintained equipment uses less energy).
  • Increased capacity of existing system (restores equipment to as close to factory fresh specifications as possible).
  • Longer Equipment runtime (when your system isn’t running, it’s saving you money).
  • Transferable to another location (or to the new owner).
  • Fewer repairs (equipment that is regularly maintained normally have less costly repairs).
  • Safer system (equipment that is clean and well maintained tends to be safer to operate).

Residential Pricing

Number Systems 1 Year Tune Ups
1 $170.00 2
2 $320.00 2
3 $450.00 2
4 $560.00 2

NOTE: For every system over (4) add $110.00 for (2) Tune Ups

ALL SERVICE MEMBERSHIPS INCLUDE: All labor and cleaning products required for the indoor and outdoor equipment. Also includes cleaning any humidifiers or electronic air cleaners attached to this equipment and (1) normal throw away filter per system. We DO NOT include any replacement parts under this membership. COVERS: All air conditioning and heating systems (package or split-system) from 1.5 to 5 tons. 100% MONEY BACK NO-RISK GUARANTEE – customer can cancel at any time and we’ll refund their entire investment.

Restaurant Service

  • Never pay an overtime fee (no matter what time of day or night it is)
  • $60 per hour instead of $80 per hour for (1) technician and $80 per hour for two technicians instead of $100 (for repairs)
  • Priority customer status (immediately moved ahead of customers without service agreement)
  • Lower operating costs (well maintained equipment uses less energy)
  • Increased capacity of existing system (restores equipment to as close to factory fresh specifications as possible)
  • improved comfort (a clean indoor coil on an air conditioning system tends to remove more moisture)
  • longer equipment life (well maintained equipment lasts longer)
  • reduced equipment runtime (when your system isn’t running, it’s saving you money)
  • Fewer repairs (equipment that is regularly maintained normally has less costly repairs)
  • Safer system (equipment that is clean and well maintained tends to be safer to operate)
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