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3 HVAC Tips for Commercial Property Owners|HVAC Burlington NC

If you run a commercial property, you probably have HVAC units to maintain in Burlington, NC. You care about keeping your tenants comfortable and it wouldn’t hurt to cut down on energy costs. Well working HVAC systems not only keep people comfortable but have lower upkeep. With that in mind, here are 3 tips for commercial property owners to make their HVAC systems work for them.

1. Develop a System

Schedule regular HVAC maintenance for your Burlington,NC residents. Make sure you’re cleaning air ducts on a regular basis for all of your tenants. In addition, make sure you are consistently getting rid of standing water. Water collecting in drain pans, humidity managing equipment, and cooling towers can harbor harmful bacteria and other microbial terrors if left unattended to. For more information on when to clean your ducts, check out our handy guide.

2. Constantly Clean and Disinfect

Especially for managing large amounts of HVAC systems, whether you’re managing business property or living spaces, you need to make sure everything’s perfectly clean. Otherwise you’re putting your tenants in danger. Use brushes and other equipment to loosen debris from all components and extract contaminants with a vacuum or a power washer. This is a great time to inspect any worn or damaged equipment and you can replace as necessary.

3. Dispose of Contaminants Safely

If not only for the environment, you should dispose of all supplies and contaminants in a safe green way for the heath of all your employees and tenants. After you clean everything thoroughly, make sure to follow the EPA guidelines for disposing of any excess. For more information on these guidelines, check out the EPA’s resources.

What Else Can You Do?

More than any of these tips, the best thing you can do to guarantee working HVAC systems throughout your properties is partnering with dedicated technicians in Burlington, NC. When you call Barber Heating and Air you will never have to talk to a machine, we have 24 hour Emergency On Call employees to work after hours or weekends when you have problems. We would love to answer the call to be your HVAC partners. If you want to get started, request a quote or give us a call at (336)226-6959.

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