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Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts, the vents that run throughout your property, have a lot to do with your indoor air quality (IAQ) which our HVAC Burlington, NC technicians consider to be very important. If you want to protect the indoor and outdoor quality that surrounds the interior and exterior of your home and office from contaminants and pollutants, make sure you are aware of a few of the most common air pollutants. If your air ducts are currently making you have sinus issues, then you may want to know that you can improve your IAQ with HVAC Burlington, NC service from Barber Heating & Air.

Our heaters and air conditioners spend a lot of time blowing air around us, which means that whatever they suck in or out is being blown around, too. For HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation, be sure to contact Barber Heating & Air of Burlington, NC, because we are trained and licensed, and we are friendly. In other words, we know what we are doing!

What Can Our HVAC Burlington, NC Team Do for Your IAQ?

  • Help Eliminate Smoke Pollutants: at Barber Heating & Air, we want you to know that air ducts and even your heater or air conditioner breathe in the same chemicals that smokers do.
  • Help Eliminate Pet Pollutants: we love pets like we love our best friends. However, pets give off skin cells that get trapped in your air, which is not really fun to think about, we know! Keep your air filters changed with Barber Heating & Air to help reduce pet pollutants.
  • Help Eliminate Dust Pollutants: if you are seeing lots of dust, it could be that your heater or AC is blowing dust from all around the house right back into your space. We can fix that, too!

Do Your Part for Indoor Air Quality and Our HVAC Burlington, NC Team Will, Too.

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