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We All Have Issues

It is true. We all have issues. Even your HVAC unit has issues. In fact, it has so many issues that it can be challenging for HVAC Burlington, NC technicians to pinpoint the problem, but we always do. If your HVAC unit has never broken down, then you may want to call Barber Heating & Air sooner rather than later. Winter is coming, and once those colder days hit – so will your desperation for heat and warmth. If your home or office is not heating up, then there is definitely need to call us today.

What are HVAC Burlington, NC Issues? 

These are common issues that  we see almost every day. The more time people spend indoors, the more likely their systems need their annual checkup, which could save you and your business hundreds of dollars in cost. Are you currently having an HVAC Burlington, NC issue? Barber Heating & Air offers 24/7 assistance!  In any event, let us learn more about the main issues HVAC units face. 

  • Bad Maintenance: some people have an issue with abandonment. So do some HVAC units. Here is a simple fact. When we do not care for our heaters and air conditioners, they stop caring for us. They may stop working. They may filter unhealthy air particles. They may cause nausea and headaches. If you would prefer not to deal with these factors, make suer you maintain a healthy relationship with your unit. Call Barber Heating & Air if you want help. 
  • Living with Leaks: these are not something to “live with,” because they are harmful to the environment. Our HVAC Burlington, NC professionals are trained to service your unit by charging it with the right amount of refrigerant to prevent leaking. You can cry all summer if you want to, but not your HVAC unit. 
  • Sensor Failure: When an issue does not make sense to us, we may feel less in control of it. It is the same with your HVAC Burlington, NC unit. If the sensor that controls your AC is broken, your HVAC unit will seem to run on and on. If you have little to no experience fiddling with HVAC control panels, let Barber Heating & Air get into your system’s mind to make sense of what has gone wrong. 

We all have issues. Let Barber Heating & Air service your HVAC issues today. 

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