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Tips To Avoid Overworking Your AC Unit

Tips To Avoid Overworking Your AC Unit

Keeping your Burlington, NC, home cool is the only way to stay comfortable through the hot and humid summer months. Many homeowners depend on their air conditioners during this period — sometimes too much. Air conditioners are intended to run until the thermostat setting is met and rest until the home’s temperature needs to be adjusted again. Air conditioners running constantly in high temperatures can overwork themselves and result in an AC breakdown in Burlington, NC.

Without proper care, you may experience an uncomfortable situation and an overworked AC unit. In this blog, we discuss tips to avoid overworking your air conditioner and why you should take AC maintenance seriously.

The Benefits Of Decreasing Your Air Conditioner’s Workload

The more energy your air conditioner uses, the higher the workload it has. Higher energy usage can be due to multiple malfunctions and obstructions that can lead to AC repair in Burlington, NC. If homeowners take proper care of their air conditioner, they can decrease its workload and experience the following benefits:

Lowers Your Energy Bill

If air conditioners utilize large amounts of energy to function, you will experience high cooling costs each month. Performing preventative maintenance can help reduce the workload on your air conditioner and result in lower energy usage and bills.

Slows Down Wear And Tear

Air conditioners consist of many moving parts, any one of which could malfunction with frequent use. The longer they run, the faster these parts will deteriorate. An overworked air conditioner will break down more frequently than one that doesn’t work too hard. If you want your air conditioner to reach its advertised lifespan, you must reduce the strain you put on it. Wear and tear will immediately lead to AC repair in Greensboro, NC, and eventually an AC replacement.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Every home with an air conditioner releases two tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, according to the U.S. Department Of Energy. You can reduce your home’s environmental impact by taking steps to reduce the air conditioner’s workload.

How To Avoid Overworking Your AC Unit

Air conditioners are complex systems with various components working together to cool your home. If one part is malfunctioning, the whole system must work harder to meet your home’s thermostat setting. An air conditioner operating with a malfunction or obstruction will use more energy until it finally breaks down from being overworked. The following tips are crucial to giving your air conditioner a much needed break during a busy summer season!

Use Fans

Standing, ceiling, or box fans create a cool breeze and make rooms feel cooler. Utilizing fans throughout the summer allows homeowners to adjust their thermostat without feeling a comfort difference. The closer your thermostat setting is to the outdoor temperature, the lower the workload on your air conditioner. We recommend adjusting the thermostat setting whenever possible and utilizing fans to avoid sacrificing your comfort!

Keep The Filters Clean

Dirty air filters make your air conditioner work harder to cool your home. You’ll also be tempted to lower the thermostat to make your space comfortable. Changing dirty filters when necessary reduces your air conditioner’s workload while improving indoor air quality.

Adjust Thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat is an easy way to avoid overworking your thermostat. While we would never suggest making your home uncomfortable, we recommend bumping up your home’s temperature a few degrees when you are away or asleep. Not only will adjusting the thermostat decrease the workload on your air conditioner, but lower monthly bills as well.

Close Your Blinds

The warmth from natural sunlight is one of the best things about the summer. However, letting in sunlight means more work for your air conditioner. We recommend keeping your blinds and curtains drawn (for windows that receive direct sunlight) between lunch and early evening to reduce the heat entering your home.

Don’t Turn Off The Air Conditioner When You’re Out

It may sound counterintuitive, but turning off your air conditioner when you’re out puts more strain on it. If your house gets too hot, the air conditioner will run longer cycles to get the temperature down to your preferred temperature. It’s best to set your thermostat so your home never gets more than ten degrees hotter than your preferred summer levels.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat in Burlington, NC homes allows you to maintain a consistent temperature range with your air conditioning. The thermostat also reduces the need to manually increase the readings as outside temperatures drop. There’s also no risk of forgetting to set the right temperature before leaving your home.

If you want to take the air conditioner’s efficiency a step further, switch to smart units. These thermostats feature artificial intelligence. Therefore, they can learn your habits over time and adapt accordingly. Additionally, the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity on these thermostats means you can control them remotely or make them a part of your smart home setup.

Ditch The Incandescent Lights

Do you still have incandescent lights around the house? Now is a great time to consider energy-efficient LEDs. Incandescent bulbs generate heat while turned on and can make your home warmer. Switching to LEDs won’t just reduce the strain on your air conditioner. It will also reduce your energy bills.

Schedule Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is one of the best ways to reduce the strain on your air conditioner. During a maintenance session, we’ll check your air conditioner for common problems that may hamper its operations. Simple maintenance tasks like replacing the filters, repairing fan motor problems, or topping off the refrigerant can help you avoid overworking your air conditioner. Similarly, completing minor repairs can keep your air conditioner working seamlessly.

AC maintenance in Mebane, NC can reduce strain on your air conditioner, reduce utility bills, improve indoor air quality, and make your home more comfortable overall.

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