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Our 2016 Resolutions

There is no better way to celebrate that it is a new year than with Barber Heating & Air. Now is a perfect time to have your HVAC Burlington, NC unit serviced. It is still Winter, and if you are dealing with HVAC emergencies – well, that is so last year. Catch up with the times by letting us service and maintain your HVAC Burlington, NC unit. We will check your air conditioning, heater, ventilation, and whatever else you need. It is in Winter that your HVAC unit works extra hard to keep your residence or commercial building cozy and comfortable. Everyone may have a say-so for what the thermostat should read, but it is ultimately up to you. The reason we are pushing so hard for these resolutions is because they can make everyone smile! Service your HVAC Burlington, NC unit with Barber Heating & Air and you are sure to see the results you want in 2016. 

What is Your 2016 Resolution? 

If you want to save money, do not wait to service your HVAC unit. You can pay for the same old repairs every season OR you can let us fix the issues for good. You can also invest in a new HVAC Burlington, NC unit that will not go wrong for years to come. 

If you want to be healthier, make sure your air filters are not clogged or dirty. Dirty filters cause you to breathe dirty air. Leave that 2015 dust behind and breathe in improved indoor air quality. We are sure you will feel better. 

If you want to help others, support the causes. Improving indoor air quality through proper ventilation maintenance and helping fight Global Warming are two of the ways you can help others in 2016. 

Whatever you want in 2016, we hope you will consider our resolutions, too. They affect you and everyone around you. Who knew a single maintenance call could positively affect so much? We are continuing to make big changes, call by call, everyday. 

Happy New Year. 

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