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Love is in Our Air

There may be any number of reasons as to why your HVAC Burlington, NC unit is trying to talk to you. It could be that it is almost Valentine’s Day and it simply wants to tell how it feels. More likely, it might be begging you for a system upgrade or for its annual service. How will you know if your current heater or air conditioner is feeling feverish in a good or bad way? It is easy. Of course, you can always contact Barber Heating & Air for competitively priced quality HVAC repairs, installation, and maintenance. We mean it, love is in our air, and air is in our name.

What Kind of Noises Are You Hearing?

Words can hardly describe it, right? It can be loud and annoying – a click, a screech, a wheeze, a clunk. Truthfully, a machine that is working right will not make a lot of noise and fuss. For instance, a modern machine from the brands we carry like Trane and others might whir and purr properly. Not to mention, these brands are backed by national associations like Energy Star.

A feverish unit can mean a feverish you. When you are not comfortable in your home or office do to a broken heater or air conditioner, it affects more that you might know. Believe our HVAC Burlington, NC experts, we know. It is February and we want you to find a dream machine that keeps you warm at night, and all day. For the right price, you can contact Barber Heating & Air to find the machine of your love dreams today.

For any HAVC service in Burlington, NC – choose a team that is quick, affordable, and experienced. We are professionally trained and equipped to help reduce the fever of any unit. If service or maintenance or repair is not the solution, then we will work with you to help you choose a HVAC system that is right for your home or office.

Feel the Love This Valentine’s Day with Barber Heating & Air.

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