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Let’s Talk Turkey

Let’s Talk Turkey

If your HVAC Burlington, NC unit is trying HVAC Burlington, NCto have a conversation with you, there might be an issue with it. It can sound like screeching, clicking, wheezing, or clunking. If it is making any noise at all, it likely needs the attention and service of HVAC Burlington, NC professional. At Barber Heating & Air, it is our mission to listen to your HVAC unit and figure out what it could possibly need. With Turkey Time around the corner, we cannot promise that Uncle Bob’s Turkey will be less dry than it was last Thanksgiving, but we can promise that our trained team of professionals will do our best to get your HVAC Burlington, NC unit back in working order. A new HVAC heater or air conditioner can cost hundreds. That is money you may have thought to spend on stuffing or casserole. One of the surest ways to make sure everyone is warm when the first day of Winter rolls around is to service your talking HVAC unit. 

How Does Your HVAC Burlington, NC Unit Sound?

We would not be asking if it was not important to us. Sounds can indicate that something has gone wrong. It may be your HVAC Burlington, NC unit’s: 

  • blower wheel
  • furnace 
  • burners
  • or motor

A HVAC Burlington, NC professional can hear your machine and know just what to do. Lucky for it, it is what we are about at Barber Heating & our. We are experienced in servicing all of the top brand machines we sell like Trane and Honeywell. Of course, you could let your heater rattle on in the middle of night to the discomfort of you and your Thanksgiving guests. Or, you can have something done about it – before it is too late. 

Let Us Talk Turkey (and Everything Else) with Your HVAC Burlington, NC Unit Now. 


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