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Keeping Your Cooling System Healthy

Barber Heating and Air is an HVAC company in Burlington, NC. Founded in 1988 with owner Rodney Barber. We have an excellent team of dedicated professionals whose goal it is to provide world class service. Barber Heating and Air does installations for commercial and residential properties, and service everything that we sell.

In today’s world, it is highly recommended that you do what you can to protect the air you breathe  on a daily basis. During the winter months, our homes are closed up tight and less ventilated with outdoor air, leaving the the inside of our homes permeated with all forms of air particles.

Thankfully, you can maintain a healthy unit with your HVAC system by choosing our HVAC Burlington, NC team of professionals at Barber Heating & Air.

At Barber Heating & Air, we focus on providing our customers improved air quality based on an  affordable heating and air conditioning payment plan in the area. For instance, we are proud to offer a wide range of HVAC services and products, performed by professionally-trained and certified technicians that you can actually depend on for HVAC Burlington, NC seasonal and emergency service.

Trusted and loyal customers receive everything they need like new air filters, thermostat inspections, and much more. If you have heater and air conditioner machines that constantly require upkeep, maintenance, or installation, we assist by making them work again or by helping you find a new and improved HVAC unit that is perfect for your home or office, or both!

The air affects your actual quality of living. If your HVAC unit is filtering dust and particles that have been inside since 1999, and you are always sneezing or wheezing or having headaches when Spring rolls around, then it is time to invest in a better HVAC unit.

Barber Heating & Air is your one stop HVAC shop, serving residential and commercial customers with everything they need in a HVAC Burlington, NC company including quality work and quality customer service.

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