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There are lots of ways to beat the heat of summer when it comes to your HVAC unit. Simply because you have used the same unit for the past decade does not mean you have to “stick with it.” One of the major questions that might arise as you begin to consider upgrading your HVAC unit with HVAC Burlington, NC services is: How do I know it is time to upgrade my system? Well, you are not the only person to ever ask.

Red Flag 1: If you are tired of HVAC maintenance, it might be time you call Burlington, NC HVAC services, Barber Heating and Air. Red Flag 2: If your energy bill feels too pricey, definitely give us a call.

Air conditioning systems already come in different sizes and types. What you choose for your home depends on what you have and the general climate.  Around here, you likely want a centralized air conditioning unit and thankfully HVAC Burlington, NC services like Barber Heating and Air may be able to help you pick and service the right one.

HGTV reports that “Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you may save 20 percent to 40 percent of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.” Whereas the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating used to be 10, it is now 13, which means the government requires more efficient systems. Of course, some families or businesses would prefer to wait until their HVAC Burlington, NC units fail before they are replaced, but that could become more costly than getting a new one before that moment arrives.

With HVAC Burlington, NC experts, you could find the right HVAC unit for your home or business.

Still wary of upgrading your HVAC Burlington, NC unit? Even if it means beating the heat? Additionally, HGTV lists alternatives for you to consider this summer.

Thermal Chimney.

The list reports that if tall or cathedral like ceilings, it is possible to add skylight and a reversible ceiling fan that can pull air up and out, cooling your space.

Think Inside Out

If you are already renovating or adding to your building, consider putting ducts inside the walls rather than outside them. 

Paint that Roof

It sounds absurd at first. However, heat does rise upstairs. So if you paint your roof a lighter color like white, it will collect less heat making your upper rooms much cooler.

Do you need immediate help with upgrading your system?

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