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HVAC Burlington, NC | HVAC 101

There is more to air conditioning than you may know. In fact, there is so much to know about it that it is possible to earn a degree in the subject. Ask the HVAC Burlington, NC technicians at Barber Heating and Air and they could tell you! There is an art to knowing how to operate the various kinds of HVAC units and systems that keep our homes and businesses up to speed. That is why we want to help our customers understand the experience and expertise of our HVAC Burlington, NC team.

Why a HVAC Team Matters

If you have ever reached out to any maintenance “experts” for your home or business, only to question whether or not you called the right people—then you may already know why it matters that your HVAC service people know exactly what they are doing. At Barber Heating and Air, we know they do! Their extensive training includes building their installation, repair, and maintenance skills and their knowledge of heat transfer, pressure and temperature laws, electrical circuits, and troubleshooting.

Also, whether residential or commercial, they have been exposed to HVAC equipment and know how to keep it up to mechanical code.

What Really Makes Us Proud

What really makes us proud about our team at Barber Heating and Air? It is not their education alone, or even their experience and expertise in the area of HVAC. For almost 20 years, we have held onto a close team of people who know how to work with people. A call to HVAC Burlington, NC is more often than not an emergency call. We make our services available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, because HVAC emergencies can happen 24/7. That is why it is also our promise that you always end up on the phone with a person, and not a robot.

Who We Are to You

Another benefit of calling Barber Heating and Air? We make it our mission to care about our current and potential customers. If you become a priority customer through our customer service agreement plan, for instance, you could receive a 15% discount on all parts and labor, without having to pay for overtime or after hour charges. When these priority customers call, they receive immediate service, which means less wait time in the long-run.

These factors combined might tell you that when it comes to having a meaningful HVAC that is proud of its people and thinks always of you, HVAC Burlington, NC is where to begin your search.

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