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How Room Temperature Affects Your Sleep

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Everyone’s idea of comfort when it comes to the temperature setting on your thermostat is unique, and we all are affected differently by it. In fact, most of us have debates about what temperature is just right, and it may cause ongoing battles over who controls the thermostat. It’s all about personal preference. But when it comes time to sleep, the temperature of your room is when you’re at rest is important.

As you sleep, Your room’s temperature can be one of the most important factors to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Science shows that when we sleep, our body’s natural temperature lowers itself to help our body rest. Sleeping in a cooler room helps to facilitate your body’s natural reaction to sleep. In general, your room’s temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s times to sleep. You can adjust this a few degrees above or below the ideal range for your own comfort. However, anything more than that can get in the way of your good night’s sleep.

If you ever find yourself waking in the middle of the night in a sweat, or tossing and turning trying to cover yourself fully with blankets due to the cold, you can be sure that your thermostat needs adjusted. Having the temperature at the wrong setting can cause you to lose sleep, which in turn causes you to have an unpleasant day.

For babies and toddlers who are trying to sleep, the ideal temperature range is a little higher at 65 to 70. You should also avoid using fans while they sleep and keep them a fair distance from any air vents.

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