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Harvest Quality

It is November 2015, which means it is an excellent time of year to harvest. While you are gathering groceries and Thanksgiving invites, our HVAC Burlington, NC team wants to warmly remind you to harvest quality service. Some people spend Thanksgiving time servicing the needs of the hungry at food shelters. Some spend the day raking the leaves for their elderly neighbors. We spend our time servicing your HVAC needs. How much work could a HVAC need? Well, around this time of year – when we have just begun to turn on our heaters, anything could happen. Heating and ventilation is about half of what HVAC Burlington, NC technicians service.  

Harvest Quality Heating Services 

Heating services may include making sure your filters are clean, your combustion is complete, and that only quality air is being filtered. After all, not serving your heater year round can result in spiked energy bills, loud system noises, or a unit breakdown. Our trained and professional technicians bring you quality HVAC Burlington, NC services at a price you and your business can actually afford.

Harvest Quality Ventilation Services 

Ventilation services include checking the air control between your building and outdoors. It is the primary way of making sure your indoor air quality is safe to breathe. Our HVAC Burlington, NC team will work with you to make sure your HVAC unit is completing its cycles like it is supposed to do. We may also check that your system is clean of dust and other health related allergens that could be release into your air. 

If you come home to discover that your heating or ventilation is broken, make sure you call Barber Heating & Air. We are available and ready to service your HVAC Burlington, NC needs. You can guarantee the work you receive will be of quality. 



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