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Green Energy

Our air conditioner is not something that we can live without in our lives. When it is hot outside like it will be in the coming weeks, we are quick to turn to our thermostat for a quick, cool solution. If it is broken, then we suddenly turn to HVAC Burlington, NC services like the quality, affordable service you can find at Barber Heating & Air. We know that some of you already have your air conditioner on, and we want to keep you informed about what it is we do for our city and its indoor air quality.

If you are in the area, know that you can always rely on Barber Heating & Air for  ac repair Burlington, NC service, ac maintenance Burlington, NC service, ac service Burlington, NC, and air conditioner Burlington, NC products. Because we carry some of the top brands in the industry, we always look forward to sharing those solutions with you. In recent schools of thought, HVACs are now going green. You thought saving energy and saving money was nice! Wait until you learn more about the future of green HVAC units.

HVAC Burlington, NC on Green Technology

On Command Hot Water: would you like to be able to control your hot water usage without actually touching a button. Well, there is now an “on command” pump that can be installed in a water fixture in your home. It creates a way for you to have hot water 24/7.

Thermally Driven AC: there is now a “chiller” that serves as a low-cost option for conventional air conditioning units. It essentially uses solar energy and natural gas to keep you cool without needing an HVAC. It is said to increase your cooling while lowering your energy bill costs.

Barber Heating & Air is happy to help you find a machine that is right for you, or help you repair the one that you already have. We find low cost, quick solutions for our HVAC Burlington, NC customers.

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