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Getting the Most Life Out of Your Refrigerator l HVAC Burlington, NC

Barber Heating and Air not only provides all of your HVAC needs in Burlington, NC, they also provide commercial and residential refrigeration services. Below, we have put together a list of ways to keep your refrigerator running efficiently:

  • Keep your kitchen appliances separate from one another if you can. The heat from appliances like the oven and dishwasher can overheat your refrigerator if they are placed too close to one another.
  • Keep your door gasket clean. The piece of rubber around your refrigerator is called a door gasket, and it is important for keeping your appliance cool. Regularly clean the gasket, and if you notice that it is wearing away, have it replaced.
  • Don’t keep the refrigerator too cold. But, refrigerators are supposed to keep things cold, aren’t they? Sure, but the suggested temperature for your fridge is 40º Fahrenheit and 0º for your freezer.  Keeping your fridge cooler than this not only drives up your electricity bill, it also puts more stress on your refrigerator, making it wear out sooner.

For all of your HVAC and refrigeration needs in Burlington, NC, come see us at Barber Heating and Air. For more tips for your refrigerator, visit this article.

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