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Cool Summer, Cool You

Cool Summer, Cool You

Turn the AC on. Turn the AC off. Leave the AC alone. The HVAC service representatives of HVAC Burlington, NC know it is a difficult task to have a cool summer and a cool you at the same time. The AC feels great when it is going, but you know it is costing you and you are not sure the cost is worth the coolness. If you turn your AC off, however, you risk transforming your summer hangout at home into an unnecessary sona and spa resort. If you are not sure how to use your AC this summer, stay cool with our HVAC Burlington, NC tips. After all, your summer deserves to be cool, and so do you.

One way to improve your air conditioning is to check that your AC exists in a suitable environment, which involves taking a few different actions.

Half length shot of gorgeous brunette feeling too hot.

1. Use a Timer. If you work during the day, there is hardly a need to blast the air conditioning. See if you can make your AC programmable with HVAC Burlington, NC services like Barber Heating and Air so that when you leave for work, your AC knows to take a breather.

2. Insulate. Ducts in hot attics or crawl spaces can

be kept cool with a variety of insulation solutions like spray foam or batt insulation. Interested in learning more? The Department of Energy provides several insulation tips and tricks to help keep the warmer parts of your home or building breathable, too.

3. Give it a Break. We know your neighbors might be interesting subjects, or that your pets need a window view while you are away form the house, but consider the needs of your air conditioning. It is as easy as 1-2-3. Leave your blinds or shades down during the day to extend the life of your AC.

Also remember, you can always get local HVAC Burlington, NC maintenance to help. Beyond cleaning filters, they can make sure your home or business is prepared for the cooling season by cleaning and replacing filters, cleaning and inspecting coils, adjusting and replacing fan belts, lubricating motors and bearings, checking and cleaning blowers and fans, and more! They could inspect your AC controls and safeties, check your refrigerant and pressures, and verify your operating temperatures.

Still fiddling with the AC?

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