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AC Installation

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AC Installation in High Point, NC

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Summers in High Point, NC, can be wonderful. There is nothing like a beautiful summer day watching the Rockers play at Truist Point Stadium or walking around a nearby vineyard. 

However, summers here can also be brutal. A wicked combination of heat and humidity makes it hard to stay outside. Instead, many escape to the comforting cool of an air-conditioned building. 

If you want to do this but don’t have an AC unit at your home, Barber Heating & Air. We provide professional AC installation in High Point, NC. With our expert HVAC installation company, your home will be a cool oasis in no time. 

Choosing the Right AC for You

Residents of the “furniture capital of the world” likely understand that not every piece fits in every home. You have to choose something that suits the location. 

A mindset like this is exactly true with air conditioning, too. Some AC systems are better in some homes, while other systems work better in others. 

A smaller home may be fine with a basic window unit. Meanwhile, a large home may need an advanced central air system. There are also plenty of situations where avoiding extra construction with a ductless system is the way to go. 

What To Expect With AC Installation

When working with Barber Heating & Air, we’ll walk you through the entire AC replacement process step by step. The process starts with finding the right AC for you and ends with outfitting your home with the perfect system. 

  1. Examine the situation: We’ll start by looking at the size and layout of your home. We’ll also talk to you about your AC preferences. 
  2. Choose the right AC: We’ll then overview the potential AC options we think will work. Together, we can pick the best one. 
  3. Planning: We’ll start preparing for the installation. We’ll let you know how long it will take. 
  4. Installation: During this step, our local HVAC experts will put in your new system. 
  5. Continued communication: We’ll explain how to use your new system. We’ll also be around to answer any questions you may have. 

Why Choose Professional AC Installation? 

You may want to try to complete your air conditioning installation job on your own. However, we highly recommend against this.

For one, professionals have the experience necessary to get the job done right. We’ll make sure you get the effective and energy-efficient cooling you need. 

On top of this, many AC units require professional installation as part of the warranty. If you want to keep this warranty valid, go with a pro. 

Why Work With Barber Heating & Air?

Barber Heating & Air is the top choice for AC Installation in High Point, NC. To understand why this is the case, learn a little more about us: 

  • We have over 35 years of experience. 
  • We offer fair pricing and affordable financing options. 
  • Our process is timely and keeps your needs in mind. 
  • We offer free estimates for installation.
  • All our jobs come with our 5-star service guarantee. 

Preventative Maintenance in High Point, NC

After your AC installation in High Point, NC, you haven’t reached the end of your HVAC needs. You’ll end up needing more High Point HVAC services to maintain your new system. 

You should schedule HVAC maintenance once or twice a year. These maintenance appointments will clean the system, ensure it is working properly, and fine-tune it. They also allow fixing small issues before they worsen. 

Barber Heating & Air offers maintenance services and an optional maintenance program. 

Our maintenance program includes the regular maintenance you get throughout the year. However, it also includes discounts on our other services and puts you at the front of the line for appointments.

Schedule AC Installation in High Point, NC, Today!

Looking to schedule your AC installation in High Point, NC? Call Barber Heating & Air at (336) 226-6959 today.


Do I Need a Professional To Install an AC System?

Yes, you need a professional to install central and ductless air conditioners. Installation is a complex job that an expert can do safely and professionally.

How Do I Choose an AC System?

You can choose an AC system by considering your needs and several other factors, including the size and layout of your home or business and your budget.

When Should I Install a new AC Unit?

You should install a new AC unit if you want one in a building without a current one or if you want to replace your existing system. The best time for AC installation in High Point, NC, is during the fall or spring.

AC Installation in High Point, NC

AC, Heating, and Refrigeration in AC Installation

For professional and timely services from Barber Heating & Air in AC Installation, give us a call today at (336) 226-6959 or request service online. Check out our financing offers to see what works best for your budget. Just checking things out? Take a look at our blog for tips and tricks on maintaining your system at home.

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