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Zone Control Systems

Assisting both residential and commercial clients, Barber Heating and Air provides heating, air conditioning repairs, installation, and maintenance, and more for your home or office. If you want quick, competitively priced, and easy to request HVAC service in or around Burlington, NC, contact us now! We have the products and services you need in Burlington, NC and surrounding areas. 

In North Carolina, it gets hot in the summers and cold in the winters. Does one room in your house stay cooler or warmer than the others? We have just the right thing to fix that common issue.

One line of products we offer is Honeywell Home zone control systems. You might be wondering, what is a zone control system? These types of air conditioning systems allows you to control the temperature in every room of your house, using single zone unitary HVAC equipment. These systems work with your thermostat to provide what is needed: only the necessary heating or cooling each room needs.

Zoning your home is not a complicated task. You only need thermostats, a control panel, and zone dampers in your ductwork. Plus, zoning doesn’t affect the efficiency of your heating/cooling system! Zones can include entire floors of your house, or they can be as specified to include individual rooms. It’s up to you!

How Do Zone Control Systems Work?

Using thermostats to connect to a control panel, zone control systems open and close dampers in your ductwork. This blocks or lets out hot or cold air, depending on what you need. It’s simple: you just set the temperature for each zone and sit back to relax. The zone control system does the rest!

How Do I Know If I Need a Zone Control System?

We can certainly help you figure out whether you need a zone control system. If your home has one or more of the following conditions, you’re likely a candidate for this kind of system:

  • More than one level or story
  • A rambling floor plan that extends far beyond your main living space
  • A concrete slab as your foundation
  • Large glass windows
  • Finished rooms in the attic or basement, or rooms over the garage
  • Large open areas

Benefits of a Zone Control System

Simply put, you can save energy and save money by switching to a zone control system. You’ll have more control over the heating and cooling in your home than ever before; you won’t be overheating or overcooling areas in your home to take care of other rooms. This will make you even more comfortable in your own home!

Whenever you’re ready to have us install a zone control system, contact us at (336) 226-6959. We can’t wait to make your home what you’ve always dreamed of!

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