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Why HVAC Burlington, NC Breakdowns are Spooky

Why HVAC Burlington, NC Breakdowns are Spooky

Have you ever wondered why certain rooms in your home or office are much cooler than other rooms? Your first guess may be that a ghost is living in them. Your second may be that your HVAC Unit is out-of-date or broken. In truth, there are more than a few reasons that we find HVAC system breakdowns a little spooky. Ghosts, we can live without. HVAC Units? Hmm, that is something we would have to think about. Our HVAC systems are like college roommates. You kind of depend on them like friends, but sometimes they just stop doing what you need them to do.

If it seems that your HVAC Burlington, NC unit is about to suffer a breakdown, call the Burlington, NC contractors at Barber Heating & Cooling. We will have you service, repair, and install the system you have in place. Before you call or visit, look for these warning signs. 

HVAC Burlington, NC Red Flags:

HVAC Roxboro, NC Warning Signs

  1. Some rooms are too hot or too cold. It is likely not a ghost. We think it is an issue with your HVAC.  
  2. Your HVAC Unit is noisy. Some units make a screeching sound like nails on a chalkboard. Help is on the way today with Barber Heating & Cooling.
  3. You’ve been dusting, a lot. If you are hyperaware of a dust situation, it means that your ducts are distributing dust everywhere in house.
  4. Your energy bill is going up. It is not your game system or the TVs or the laundry you do every week. It might be your HVAC Burlington, NC system.
  5. Your furnace or your air conditioner is behind the times. If your furnace or air conditioner is out of date, they can cause more issues than you may have guessed.

Fear not, Barber Heating & Cooling can have your system repaired Today! 

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