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We Want a Fling in Spring

It may sound surprising to you, but our HVAC Burlington, NC team wants to have a Spring Fling with the pollutants that are contaminating your heater and air conditioner, and therefore your air. With the cycles that your HVAC takes, off and on, and off and on, you may not be aware that those fans are blowing around all types of things that are dangerous to your health! Generally speaking, there are lots of pollutants that our HVAC Burlington, NC team wants you to be on the watch for in the Spring 2016 season. Those of you starting or finishing Spring break, may want to consider the types of pollutants we are talking about. What can Barber Heating & Air do to make sure you are not having Spring flings with pollutants? Well, as your licensed and certified HVAC Burlington, NC team, we can Spring fling and clean your air conditioning and heating units for their filters. Indeed, we will do our best to keep your air filters in your residential or commercial property dust-free, clean, and ready for your everyday way of life.

Our HVAC Burlington, NC Team Wants You to Be Aware of:

Dust, because it mostly comes from airborne particles like skin cells, pet cells, carpet, kitchen chemicals, bacteria, and dust mites – all of which can trigger allergies and sinuses. In fact, one out of six people suffer from allergies because of the direct relationship to dust, bacteria and fungus in their air supply.

Want to Avoid These Pollutants in Your Air? Make sure your current HVAC unit has all the HVAC Burlington, NC installations, maintenance, and repairs it needs to do its job most effectively.


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