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Tips To Save On Energy This Winter

Winter is finally here, so you need to make sure your HVAC system in your Burlington, NC home is ready. You’ll need to make sure that you’re not wasting unnecessary energy, since energy bills tend to fluctuate with the changing weather. While it’s important to keep your Burlington, NC home well heated and air well circulated, that doesn’t mean your energy bill has to go up. Take these 3 smart tips to help save energy and your wallet this winter.

1. Eliminate Energy Zombies

Zombies aren’t real, but appliances that eat energy when they’re not being used are a very real kind of energy monster. Unplug stereos, battery chargers, TVs, and computers when not in use. Unplugging them will ensure they stop using energy.

2. Save Power How You Can

When you don’t need power, don’t use it. Turn off the lights and turn down the heat not only when you leave the room or when you’re asleep, but when you don’t need it. Utilize natural light with the help of windows and cover yourself with blankets to keep warm.Don’t make yourself sick, of course, but keeping your house a even few degrees cooler and less lit saves money.

3. Insulation Is Key

Install storm windows and doors or put up plastic around the edges of sliding doors to prevent heat loss. Also insulate attics, exterior walls, under floors, heat ducts, and hot water pipes. This prevents your HVAC having to work harder to circulate heat through your Burlington, NC home. This means that with an insulated home, costs will go down.

Need More Help?

Of course, one of the easiest ways to save energy is to have an efficient HVAC system. At Barber Heating & Air, we are dedicated with maintaining and installing the perfect system for your home. If you’re interested to how we can meet the energy needs for your Burlington, NC home, request a quote today.

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