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The Problem with Pollen

The Problem with Pollen

The problem with pollen, other than the fact that it causes most people to wince, sneeze, and complain, is that it gets everywhere. Unless a heavy shower of rain pounds your vehicle, and you – the chance of tracking pollen into your home is pretty substantial. Thankfully, your HVAC Burlington, NC team at Barber Heating & Air does not have an issue with pollen. At least, there is no issue with having us replace your pollen covered filters with fresh, new filling so that you can keep breathing in naturally, good and healthy air. The real issue is pollen is just how easily it spreads from your car handle to your clothes to your pets to your floor, food, and everything else. It is crazy to think about, really. Though pollen is great for the fertilization and growth of plants, it causes allergy symptoms to flare.

If youHVAC burlington nc, your family, or even customers in your business are:

  • sneezing
  • congested
  • wiping their noses
  • or rubbing their eyes

For which our solutions at Barber Heating & Air are:

  • ac repair Burlington, NC service
  • ac maintenance Burlington, NC service
  • ac service Burlington, NC
  • And air conditioner Burlington, NC service

Make sure you have working air conditioning and heating for their comfort. Our HVAC Burlington, NC packages include your access to advanced operating HVAC units that make a difference in pollen control. If not for a new system, make sure you contact our HVAC skilled experienced team for a routine check up of your thermostat, filters, blowers, wheels, panels, and everything else. With its being pollen season galore in Burlington, NC – we especially want to make sure that you keep on breathing in quality air.

Do you have a problem with pollen? Learn how Barber Heating & Air Can Help.

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