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Refrigeration refers to the cycle of cooling your residence or commercial location. It depends on four elements to work effectively and efficiently. The cycle begins with the gas state, which is when the compressor pumps gas to a high pressure and temperature. Next, the gas enters a condensing coil or condenser where it loses heat outside to become cool. It also becomes liquid in this part of the cycle. The third part of the cycle occurs when the expansion valve begins to regulate the liquid at an appropriate pace, which causes it to evaporate. As it evaporates, it absorbs heat from inside and, through repeating the process, moves it outdoors. As a result, your home or office starts to feel much cooler. The fourth element is a reversing valve. These are not always include in your HVAC Burlington, NC system, but they are equally important. These valves make it simple for your HVAC unit to switch between heating and cooling for winter and summer, respectively.

Aside from heating and cooling, our HVAC Burlington, NC experts also specialize in different forms of refrigeration for your home or business.

Our HVAC Burlington, NC Refrigeration Products Include:

+ Walk in coolers

+ Walk in freezers

+ Commercial Reach in Freezers

+ Commercial Reach in Coolers

+ Commercial Ice Machines