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Residential and Commercial HVAC Services in Greensboro, NC

Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration has been in business since 1988. It is a family-owned business founded by Rodney Barber. Since then, Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration has grown from a small business to a regional HVAC and refrigeration services provider for both homes and businesses. 

We’ve been able to do this because we’re committed to being the best, always putting the customer first, and always being reliable. But most of all, our success is due to our loyal customers who have kept coming back to us for years.

Our HVAC experts in Greensboro, NC are ready to help you with your HVAC needs. We help both home and business owners with heating, air conditioning, installation, repair, maintenance, and more for their homes and businesses. Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration is the place to call if you want HVAC Greensboro, NC service that is quick, affordable, and easy to set up. We have the parts and services you need in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

HVAC – Greensboro, NC

Should you have your HVAC system checked out regularly? No matter what system you have, the answer is YES!. Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring that your HVAC system works well and that the air in your home is clean.

If you have our professionals come out to service and check your HVAC system, you can rest assured that it will last as long as possible. Don’t wait until something seems wrong before you call us. By then, the damage may have already been done. But if you contact us for routine maintenance, we can help stop some of these problems from happening.

If you notice problems with your HVAC system, it’s best if you call one of our service professionals right away. Don’t ignore the problem or hope it will go away if you wait or ignore it. This will only cause you more trouble and cost you more money in the long run.

Heating and Cooling in Greensboro, NC


When fall and winter roll around, you can stay warm and cozy with the help of HVAC Greensboro, NC, professionals who take care of your heating unit. Heating is one of the things that Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration does best. We make Greensboro, NC, HVAC maintenance easy and cheap. Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts will set up, fix, and maintain your heating system.

Our Heating Services and Products Include: 

  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless, mini-split installation
  • Dual fuel units
  • Safer and more efficient heating systems
  • Gas furnaces
  • Honeywell Zone Control System installation
  • Gas packs


How does your home’s air conditioner keep it cool? Air conditioners are a part of a central heating and cooling system that moves heat from outside the house to inside.

In a nutshell, the air conditioner in both a home and a business is a central heating and cooling system that sends cool air through sheet metal ductwork. It does this by pulling warm air out of the building, removing its heat, and replacing it with cooler air.

Our Cooling Services and Products Include: 

  • Dual Duel Unit Installation
  • Honeywell Zone Control Systems
  • Operating Temperature Verification
  • Filter Cleaning and Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Installation and Service
  • AC Controls and Safeties Check
  • Motors and Bearings Lubrication
  • Ductless, Mini-Split Installation
  • Blowers and Fans Check
  • Coil Cleaning and Replacement
  • Refrigerant and Pressure Check and Charge
  • Fan Belt Replacement

Filters, coils, and fins on an air conditioner need to be cleaned and oiled regularly for the unit to work well and efficiently for many years. If you don’t do the necessary maintenance, your air conditioner will worsen and use more energy.

Anyone who lives in North Carolina knows that spring is lovely, but sometimes it doesn’t last long. This means that warmer weather is coming. At Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration, a Greensboro, NC HVAC company, we do installations for businesses and homes. Also, we take care of and service everything we sell.

If you live in an older home, you need to ensure you’re not wasting energy. Even though it’s essential to keep your Greensboro, North Carolina, home cool and well-ventilated in the summer, that doesn’t mean your energy bill has to go up.

If you want to know how we can help your Greensboro, NC, home with its energy needs, you can request a quote or call us at (336) 226-6959 right now.

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