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Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration, established in 1988, is your local HVAC contractor. Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration has expanded into a regional provider of residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration services since then. This has been made possible by our dedication to quality, consistent client service, and unrivaled dependability. Most importantly, our continued success is thanks to our long-term consumers who have sought our services for decades.


Our HVAC Professionals in Burlington, NC are available to assist you with your residential and commercial HVAC needs. For your home or workplace, we provide heating and air conditioning repairs, installation, maintenance, and more. Contact Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration right now if you need HVAC Burlington, NC service that is quick, affordable, and simple to schedule. In Burlington, NC, and the surrounding areas, we offer the goods and services you require.

Heating and Cooling | Burlington, NC


Services and Products for Cooling Include:

  • Installation of Dual Duel Units
  • Zone Control Systems by Honeywell
  • Installation and Service of Air Conditioning
  • Cleaning and Replacement of Filters
  • Cleaning and Replacement of Coils
  • Replacement of Fan Belts
  • Lubrication of motors and bearings
  • Blowers and Fans Check
  • Inspection of the AC controls and safety features
  • Refrigerant and pressure charging and inspection
  • Evaluation of Operating Temperature

HVAC Maintenance

The filters, coils, and fins of all AC units require frequent maintenance for the machine to perform efficiently over the years. Neglecting basic maintenance is sure to lower performance while energy consumption rises.

Anyone who lives in North Carolina knows that our spring season is lovely, but short. Scorching summer months are just around the corner.

Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration installs commercial and residential HVAC systems year round. Additionally, we service everything we sell. Request a quotation or contact (336) 226-6959 for immediate service!

Air Conditioning Repair in Burlington, NC

What if your air conditioner suddenly quits pumping cold air? Summers in North Carolina are notoriously hot. If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, there are a few things you may do to troubleshoot it. Of course, if you need service or repairs, you should always contact an HVAC professional.

Identifying the source of the problem and informing your contractor of any findings is beneficial. This knowledge allows you to better prepare for a speedy repair of your unit. Also, try to resolve any issues as soon as you can. A faulty air conditioner is not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous as temperatures rise.

Troubleshooting Your AC or HVAC System

If your AC stops, be sure to check the following:

  • Power Issues: Check if your air conditioner is plugged in!
  • Thermostat Issues: Try turning the dial all the way down or pushing the buttons all the way down to see whether the machine starts up.
  • Clogged Filters: A clogged filter will cause some air conditioners to shut down automatically. Clean or change your filters on a regular basis!
  • Ice Buildups: Ice buildup could be caused by clogged coils or filters, resulting in limited airflow.
  • Clogged drain: If your air conditioner’s moisture drains into a hose or other drain line, it could clog.
  • Dirty Compressors: Cleaning the area around your compressor and covering it for the winter should be part of your monthly maintenance.
  • Condensate airflow switch: When the drain pipe backs up with water, certain air handlers have an incorporated safety float switch that trips and turns off the machine.
  • Low refrigerant levels: Coolant does not go bad, but a refrigerant leak could be the cause of your AC’s lack of chilly air.

If you are still having trouble, a trained HVAC expert can also readily repair most of them. Having an efficient HVAC system is one of the easiest ways to save energy. Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration is committed to maintaining and installing the ideal system for your Burlington, NC, home.

Ductless Air Conditioners in Burlington, NC

Ductless, mounted cooling, and mini-split, systems are all phrases you’ve heard before. So, what exactly is a ductless air conditioning system? That’s right- no ductwork.

What exactly is a ductless mini split system, and how does it work? A ductless mini split system uses one outdoor unit as well as one indoor appliance. Refrigerant tubes and electrical wiring link them together. The indoor unit is usually wall-mounted and directs heated or cooled air into the living space without the use of ductwork.

A single-zone system provides heating and cooling comfort to a single area. Indoor units come in various forms, and installation requires only a hole in the wall for both the wiring and refrigerant line. As a result, ductless HVAC systems are among the most straightforward and versatile to install.

Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration is committed to maintaining and installing your house’s ideal heating and cooling system. Request a quotation or call us at (336) 226-6959 if you’re ready for us to install a ductless mini-split in your Burlington, NC, home.



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