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Ductless Air Systems | HVAC Burlington, NC

Barber Heating and Air in Burlington, NC offers ductless air systems that could give you the energy
savings you need, and the comfort you deserve. We offer and install top of the line ductless air systems, or mini-split
systems, with expert precision. Why go ductless? If you are adding an addition to your home and find the construction of new
air ducts too costly or involved, then going with a mini-split system may be the best choice. And because they only need a
small hole in the wall to be connected to the air compressors outside, they are far more secure and less wasteful than
window air-conditioning units.

The average energy savings of a mini-split air system is 25%. Ductless systems use inverter-driven compressors that
slow and speed up the delivery of air based on the systems needs. This leads to a more efficient air system because
standard HVAC units turn on and off, using much more energy in the process. And with all that energy you save, you’ll
be spending less money on your energy bills. Install a ductless air system in a spare bedroom that is less often used.
Or, install one in your college kid’s new apartment. Closing vents to keep air from wastefully going into empty rooms
can cause pressure imbalances and mold to grow.

Never fight with your family members again over the temperature of your bedroom. With mini-split air systems,
you are in control. And if you move to a house that has no existing central air, ductless units could be cheaper
to install. Sure you can install one yourself. Only one unit could take up to 7 hours to install, and making sure the
system is the right size and the opening in the wall is properly sealed takes expertise. At Barber Heating and Air, we will
not only provide superior customer service for your questions, we will provide unmatched quality in our installation.

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