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Checking It Twice

Has your HVAC Burlington, NC unit been naughty or nice? Well, Santa has his Christmas checklist, and we have ours. He is checking it twice, and so are we. Check out the list so you can decide if your HVAC unit needs repair. If you have noticed any of these behaviors, then chances are you want to call Barber Heating & Air. We service heaters , air conditioners, and ventilation systems. We change and replace filters, we clean duct systems, we check your temperatures, program your thermostat, and more! Whatever naughty behaviors your HVAC Burlington, NC unit shows off, we have trained technicians that will make them act nice again. 

Our HVAC Burlington, NC Naughty & Nice List

  1. no heat 
  2. loud noises
  3. high bills
  4. stuck on setting
  5. lack of maintenance 
  6. dirty/clogged filters
  7. mechanical wear and tear
  8. ignition control problems
  9. thermostat malfunction 
  10. bad furnace 

Any of these signs or behaviors deserve our professional attention and care. Whatever you decide, we hope you do something about the issues. After all, avoiding them can result in safety hazards for you, your family, or your customers – especially if your furnace is an old one. Obviously if no heat is coming from your heater, there is an issue. Another noticeable sign of naughty behavior is a loud, strange noises. If your thermostat is stuck on a certain temperature or you are having a hard time controlling it, there is definitely an issue. Then again, it may be none of those. Maybe your HVAC burlington, NC unit just has not been serviced or maintained since you got it in 2007. Well, whatever the issue – Barber Heating & Air has elves (i.e. trained and courteous HVAC helpers) that will make it work nice again. 

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