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What happens if your air conditioning stops blowing cold air? We all know how hot North Carolina summers can get. There are a few ways to troubleshoot your HVAC system if your AC is not blowing cold air. Of course, it’s always wise to contact an HVAC professional for service and repairs. Identifying the potential root cause of the problem and communicating any findings to your contractor helps. This information enables better preparation for repairing your unit quickly. Plus, address any problems as soon as possible. Why? Because a broken air conditioning unit is not only an inconvenience, but possibly a major health concern if temperatures soar.


There are some relatively common reasons your AC may have stopped working, including:


  • Power issues: make sure your AC unit is plugged in!
  • Thermostat issues: try turning the dial down all the way, or try pushing the buttons to the lowest level and see if that trips the unit to run.
  • Clogged filter: some AC units will automatically shut down if the filter is clogged. Make sure to clean or replace your filters regularly!
  • Ice buildup: this could be because of dirty coils or filters causing poor airflow.
  • Clogged drain: if the moisture from your AC is draining out into a hose or other drain pipe, this could become clogged.
  • Dirty compressor: part of your regular maintenance should be cleaning the area around your compressor and covering it for the winter.
  • Condensate airflow switch: some air handlers contain an integrated safety float switch that trips and shuts off the unit when the drain pipe backs up with water.
  • Low refrigerant levels: coolant doesn’t go bad or deplete, but your AC’s lack of cold air may be from a refrigerant leak.

There is hope! Fixing some issues on your own remains an option. Plus, most are easily repaired by a qualified HVAC technician. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to have an efficient HVAC system. At Barber Heating & Air Refrigeration, we are dedicated to maintaining and installing the perfect system for your home. If you’re interested in how we can meet the energy needs for your home, request a quote or call us at (336) 226-6959.



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